SOHO CELIAS Proton Monitor
Solar Wind Parameters for Carrington Rotation 2131 (hour averages)

Listed Parameters:

Measurement time (Year, Month, Day of Month, Day of Year, Hour, Minute, Second)
Proton speed [km/sec]
Proton density [protons per cubic centimeter]
Most probable proton thermal speed [km/sec]
Arrival direction [degrees from north-south, with + meaning FROM the south).

SOHO spacecraft coordinates: based on SOHO PRE orbit files
GSE X, Y, Z [Earth Radii] 1 RE == 6378 km
Heliocentric Range [106 km],
Heliographic Latitude and Longitude [deg].


                              CELIAS/MTOF/PM DATA                      SOHO ORBIT DATA              
 InSitu_Start__Time       [km/s]  [cm-3] [km/s]  [deg]      [Re]   [Re]   [Re]  [Mkm]  [deg]  [deg]