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the latest 48 hours of solar wind data

brought to you by the CELIAS/MTOF Proton Monitor on the SOHO Spacecraft

talking sun There is a problem with the motor controlling the High Gain Antenna on the SOHO spacecraft.   Science data coverage may be less than complete for 1-2 weeks every 90 days (when the spacecraft gets 'flipped').   The next "keyhole" period can be found in this table.
Interplanetary shocks and other interesting events
An energetic particle flare monitor using the PM background rate
An X-ray flare monitor using data from the CELIAS/SEM sensor

Most Recent Shock Candidates:

Date UT day of year F/R Zone Confidence Level
25 Mar 2015 0921 84 fwd 2 68%
21 Mar 2015 0717 80 fwd 2 68%
18 Mar 2015 1807 77 REV 1 38%

Current time in GMT

Data ending at 2132 GMT on Mar 28, 2015 (ascii data available)

Data ending at 2132 GMT on Mar 28, 2015 (ascii data available)

The Proton Monitor (PM) is one of the scientific sensors on the SOHO spacecraft. What's being plotted??
the PM sensor
the SOHO Spacecraft

Where is SoHO?

The predicted position of the SOHO spacecraft in the GSE coordinate system (X,Y,Z) in Earth radii at 2130 GMT on
Mar 28, 2015:
Daily Orbit Data:

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